A functional rider’s seat is the basis for good riding


Balance, suppleness and feeling are the rider’s magic words.

The well-balanced seat of the rider is the basis for using aids independently.

A consistent schooling of the seat is an elementary part of every rider’s education. Especially when schooling the seat on the lungeing-rein, the rider can focus on seat, weight and leg aids in order to refine the seat decisively.

Only a well-balanced rider is able to influence a horse correctly and effectively and, furthermore, contributes automatically towards both the own health and the health of the horse.

On the occasion of my seat schooling lessons I also use supportingly the BALIMO® CLASSIC seat trainer by ECKART MEYNERS due to its positive effect on riders with movement problems.

For the mobilisation, coordination and stretching of the body I offer my riders the SVELTUS Elastiband®, which is especially for the training of arms, shoulders, breast, back and legs. The “AHA-effect” is provided quite quickly.

Furthermore, I offer my riders to use the BioTec pinhole glasses, which support the rider’s concentration during the lesson as well as let the body relax that the rider benefits from increased mobility and natural relaxedness, which also have a positive effect on the horse equally.