Seat training – a functional rider’s seat is the basis for good riding

Equilibrium, suppleness and fine feeling are the magic words of the rider.
The well-balanced rider’s seat forms the foundation for independently providing the horse with assistance.
Consistent seat training is an elementary component in the training of any rider. Especially with seat training on the lungeing-rein, the rider can concentrate on seating, weight and leg aids, and thus optimise his or her seat substantially.
Only a well-balanced rider will be able to correctly and effectively control his or her horse, and thus automatically contribute towards maintaining his or her own health, as well as that of his or her horse.

I had the privilege of learning from Eckart Meyners that action-orientated riding instruction is based on three pillars. This is why, besides my specialist and social competence, I also offer appropriate method competence.

That means that, when I give seat training, I use support aids, if necessary.
These belong, among other things, to the BALMO® CLASSIC seat training device developed by Eckart Meyers, which considerably assists the rider in eliminating movement problems.

In regard to mobilisation, co-ordination and stretching the body, I offer my students the SVELTUS® elastic rope, with which principally the areas of the arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs are trained when riding. The “wow” effects occur relatively quickly.
I furthermore make the BioTec pinhole glasses available to my course attendees, and these assist in giving the rider concentration during the lessons, allowing the musculature of the rider’s body to relax, and thus ensure greater movement, or suppleness, which thus also simultaneously has a positive impact on the horse.

Working with FRANKLIN® balls

Already in 2015, I discovered for myself the FRANKLIN BALLS during my own training with Eckart Meyners.
As these made an impression on me, I have been deploying them ever since in my clinics and lessons, as a useful supplement, which thus assists my students in attaining a completely new degree of movement.
Tensions, wrong postures and even blockages are improved upon.
Muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascias are subjected to a greater degree of movement and malleability.

After deploying them, the great effect of the balls and wheels can be seen in the body language of my students. This effect can very well be kept up, as long as the students continually work with the FRANKLIN BALLS.
They just simply ensure a new body feeling, a more relaxed posture and a finer degree of contact with the horse’s mouth.

Any aid that I deploy in my seat training has been copiously tested by me, and ultimately also my team, in advance.